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Lubbock, Texas

Spice's Hot Ginger Ale
Better known as momma'a baby!

Ginger's Pedigree



Ginger and Windi enjoying the sun! 

Spice's Seminole Wind-S
Hamming it up!

In Loving Memory Of Windi!
Pictures, pedigree, her offspring.

Spice's Cuppacchino Mocha

Mocha's Pedigree

Spice's Take A Number 

Nexxie's Pedigree

Rojo Bonito Durango Spice 

Sly's Pedigree

Spice's Hot Toddy 

Toddy's Pedigree

Spice's Four On The Floor 

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Our other pets!

Spice's Delilah V Infinity
and her half sister Cinder
German Shepherd Dogs

Summer 1993-August 2000
May he always live on in our hearts.

Rawny (kitten) a Birman mix and Noel a 4 year old Ragdoll mix

Don't go that way. Never go that way. Home sweet home. Moving right along...